Clipboard Managers

AllClips 1.2

AllClips 1.2 Download Free

Download AllClips for Mac full version program setup free. AllClips puts the power back in your hands, offering a solution to the frustration of losing track of copied content. AllClips Overview AllClips revolutionizes the way users interact with their clipboard, offering a comprehensive solution to the common frustration of losing …

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Clipboard Manager 2.6


Download Clipboard Manager 2 for Mac full version program setup free. Clipboard Manager is a comprehensive software application that you can use to store up to 9999 clippings with great ease. Clipboard Manager 2 Overview Clipboard Manager is a handy software utility designed to streamline your copying and pasting experience …

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CopyQ 8.0.0

Download CopyQ 8 for Mac full version program setup free. CopyQ is a feature-rich clipboard manager which offers users the ability to store and manage clipboard contents. CopyQ 8 Overview CopyQ stands out as a versatile clipboard manager available for Windows, macOS, and Linux systems. This feature-rich tool offers users …

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iClip 5.5.8


Download iClip 5 for Mac full version program free setup. iClip is a handy application that saves the contents of the clipboard every time you copy plain text, rich-text, images, files, or anything. iClip 5 Overview iClip 5 is a handy application that makes you more productive in your daily …

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Clipsy Clipboard Manager 2.1

Clipsy Clipboard Manager 1.8 Download Free

Download Clipsy Clipboard Manager full version program free setup. Clipsy Clipboard Manager is efficient and effective software that allows you to record your clipboard history of the copied text, images, links, screenshots, etc, and lets you recall them anytime. Clipsy Clipboard Manager Overview Clipsy Clipboard Manager is a feature-rich and …

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ClipyApp Clipy 1.2.1

ClipyApp Clipy 1.2.1 Download Free

Download ClipyApp Clipy for Mac full version program setup free. ClipyApp Clipy is a versatile and feature-rich clipboard management tool designed for macOS users. ClipyApp Clipy Overview ClipyApp Clipy stands as a robust and comprehensive clipboard management tool tailored for macOS, designed to elevate users’ copy-and-paste experience. At its core, …

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FIPLAB CopyClip Download Free

Download FIPLAB CopyClip 2 for Mac full version program setup free. FIPLAB CopyClip is a clipboard manager designed for macOS, providing users with a convenient way to track and access their clipboard history. FIPLAB CopyClip Overview FIPLAB CopyClip is a robust clipboard manager meticulously crafted for macOS, offering users an …

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