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AllMacWorlds is a free-to-use site where you can download free software and apps. As you know, I upload full-version programs no matter how large the file size is. It is a tough task that takes many sleepless nights. I also spend a huge time managing the servers so you guys get clean and fast downloading. When thousands of users start downloading large files, I have to add more servers to handle the bandwidth. Therefore I have to pay huge rent every month to keep these servers up and running.

Additionally, you know I hate to give any third-party free file-sharing links because they can be dead sooner or later. Although they are free, I don’t use them because they expire after six months or without active downloading.

That is why I decided to take the hit on our own and rent servers for you. So that you can download unlimited files with a single direct link. But with the growing file sizes, this is getting hard for me, because we have to rent more and more servers to handle the bandwidth.

So now I need your support. This will help me to pay the monthly rent of my servers and buy a cup of coffee. You can pay as little as $5. Because every penny counts.


Team AllMacWorlds

Buy Me a Coffee AllMacWorlds



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5 months ago

can I donate trough Paypal??

Hong Yuan
Hong Yuan
1 year ago

I want, too

1 year ago

i need to support you 10$ how can i pay